Key Features

Ultra Compact

The "X" Series engines are state of the art single wire digital control. Combining super efficient compressor and turbine stages, miniaturised combustion chamber and fuel delivery systems with the minimum possible case sizing. ECU and valves are mounted under front cover. Key functions: - Internal Kero Burner - Internal Thermocouple - On-board Valves - Engine mounted ECU - Brushless Starter - Protective FOD Screen

Easy Installation

With just one 3-wire cable and one pipe to connect to the engine, installation is simple and quick, not possible to get anything wrong way around. The ECU menu structure has been minimised, anything not absolutely needed has been removed or automated. Internal valves, ECU and thermocouple mean none of these need connecting externally keeping the install neat and clean. Two choices of ECU display for onboard or external monitoring. Telemetry adapter available.

Superior Performance

With the internal kerostart, starts are fast and easy and the digital control gives excellent fast throttle response. The ambient sensor automatically modifies throttling and starting in hot weather or high altitude. Easy thrust derating system for adaptable installs. The "X" Series all have special digital fuel pumps with their own driver incorporated, no adjustments needed ever for start point etc, all automatic. They are uniquely identified by the ECU so you can't accidently use the wrong one.