Important - Warranty

In starting the engine you assume and accept the warranty terms detailed in the full USB manual included with your engine package.

You agree not to disassemble the engine or any item supplied as part of the package (fuel pump, display, starter, engine cover etc).

In doing so you will breach your warranty agreement and you will find it is a precision assembly which you will be unlikely to reassemble without considersable difficulty and specialist equipment.

Simply accessing and slackening the compressor nut of the rotor will immediately lose the delicate balance condition without which the engine may not run without expensive damage to the totating assembly.

Warranty covers parts and labour and excludes the shipment costs back and forth.

The engines have a warranty period of two years (24months) or 25h running, whichever comes first.

The warranty is not transferable, it is only valid for the first owner of the engine. We cannot guarantee that a privately sold second-hand engine is in good condition and has not been mistreated, disassembled, modified or repaired incorrectly.

Unfortunately we have come across several cases of engines damaged by their owners who have sold them as "Perfect running, still in warranty", but then the new new owner has received an engine that does not work well, he sent it to service for repair under warranty, just to receive a major repair bill caused by negligent use of the previous owner who does not want to take any responsability, leaving TheJetWorkshop and the new owner in a compromised situation.

You can always contact us for special situations or to get advice before prospective purchase from a private seller. Always ask for the engine serial number before contacting.

Please open the USB dongle supplied with your engine, and check the engine warranty details if needed.

What might not be covered under warranty?

If an engine is referred to us for warranty repair and evidence of crash or fatigue caused by any, but not exclusively, of the following:

Rough handling (dents, bad scratches etc, suggesting the engine has been dropped or crashed), compromised bearing life suggesting use of incorrect or wrong percent oil, or evidence of sustained overheating, damage by aggressive 3D girations, mechanical damage caused by rough landing, ingress of particles at intake sand etc, use of incorrect or poor specification battery supply, evidence of being taken apart, seals broken etc.

In encountering the above as part of warranty investigation we reserve the right to charge for parts used to return the engine to serviceable condition.

In all cases, bearings are not covered as warranty as their operating environment cannot be controlled as they are cooled by air entering the front of the engine.

What to do if you have a problem?

Please get in touch in the first instance. Drop an email, text or phone and let us know if something is happening or the engine misbehaving.

If the engine is developing a fault do not let it continue in effort to last the season, it may be a very simple fix which turns into something nasty when left.

We always try to get any engine for service in and out of the workshop in a day or two so no need for you to miss your engine for long.

Please don't try to "fix" the engine yourself. These "X" Series engines are nothing like any from before and you may ruin something expensive by simply trying to test something on a battery.

Contact us and we can talk you through any options to help identify and fix the problem. or call Mike directly on 07592 861640