TheJetWorkshop is a small business located in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, England.

We are principally a design-and-build workshop, equipped to manufacture miniature gas turbine engines from raw components, principally the small engines of the Xicoy X45, X60 and X95 for the model market.

The "X" Series jet engines are licensed from Xicoy Electronica SL, Spain by kind permission of Gaspar Espiell.

We are the only company worldwide outside Xicoy, licensed and approved to build and retail Xicoy engines.

TheJetWorkshop also produces its own jet engine designs and undertakes commissions for one-off or experimental gas turbine engines.

TheJetWorkshop has inhouse design capability through SolidWorks Professional 3D and Autocad drafting. 3D models are created to produce printed wax metal castings for rapid prototyping and small scale production.

TheJetWorkshop is run by Mike Murphy, ex RAF Ground Support Fitter (Vulcan era) with 24years experience in miniature jet engine design and production.

We welcome orders/enquiries via our email thejetworkshop@gmail.com or click the email button.