How do I place an order?

Easiest is to drop us a short email anytime to indicating what you are interested in and we will come back to you with a breakdown of current availability, pricing and delivery estimate. If you want to call and talk about options, that's no problem, just call 07592 861640 and speak to me (Mike Murphy) anytime in waking hours, we never really close.

Engines we build X45/X60/X95 are usually in stock for immediate delivery which means you could receive within two days in the UK. We do sometimes have used/recon' engines available, just ask!
We are authorised by Xicoy to supply only UK customers.

Payments must be cleared before shipping.

Payment is via bank transfer or credit card. Both via online invoice, we will send you a breakdown of your order with a link to pay online, quick and easy.

Shipping is usually next-day insured, you can indicate if there is a preferred day when you are in to receive your engine, just let us know and we will arrange it. We can do "brown wrappers" if your parcel needs a disguise.....!!

I live nearby, can I collect?

Many customers have visited in person to collect their engine and we are happy to do this, on proviso that payment is cleared in advance, or settled in cash on the day. We can't release an engine that is unpaid.

We are easy to find, postcode DN6 7ER, just off the northbound A1M J38 or the Doncaster/Wakefield road A635.

I know nothing about jet engines, can you help?

Sure, these engines are a complete mystery for many people. The technology used now is exotic but the engineering is just miniature and pretty clever.

For those picking up an engine in person, we are happy to spend a little time in the workshop introducing how the engine is made and what the internal parts look like and what they do.

Many bring a friend too and that's no problem, just be aware the workshop is quite small, not enough room for a crowd!!

We have an indoor test cell where engines can be run and you can see how to set up the engine and what the various settings do and have a go at running an engine yourself.

Visits are always by prior appointment as its not practical when we are building, and note are available for those purchasing an engine only.