Don't worry!!

With any flying model there is also the possibility of mishaps, bad landings, problems with the model structure or loss of control resulting in a crash that may result in damage to your engine. Your Xicoy engine can always be repaired however bad it looks. As we are the manufacturer of your turbine we have ALL the parts needed to rebuild it to as-new or if you prefer to have it just operational to keep costs down. If you find your engine performance is deteriorating or just not behaving as sweet as it was at new, can be just wear and tear or something more. We are very happy to look at this and let you know if your engine needs something doing or suggest an upgrade or service. Please note that it is a condition of the warranty that the engine is maintained in good order, serviced on time etc. So if your engine develops a fault, starts being very noisy etc, then please get in touch and have it looked at. We offer: Crash repair & restoration Fault rectification General servicing Hardware upgrades Software and electronic upgrades Warranty work Remember - we only charge for doing, not for looking, plus the travelling back and forth.

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