New "TheJetWorkshop" Designs
Jet engines are still quite mysterious and there are few people in the UK who have designed and built these amazing engines in production quantities, ie beyond a one-off project.

Over the years, in addition to our work with the Xicoy and the "X" series engines, I have assisted other people and organisations to develop a special purpose idea into a fully operational gas turbine engine.

Almost all of these have special quirks, needing measuring ports for educational or research purposes, odd sizes and power outputs, aero type thrust engines, shaft power takeoffs for driven loads, odd fuels and gases, the list goes on and on. The common theme in all is they are not usually available off-the-shelf.

At TheJetWorkshop we have the capability to design and produce bespoke turbine engines for clients as one-off proof of concept or small scale production, so if you have a special requirement and would like to see it brought to life, either as a 3D modelled design or developed to a fully functional prototype, then talk to us and let's see if we can help.

Email in the first instance, or call Mike on 07592861640 to talk through your idea and see what we can do for you.