X60 Lite & Compact

Built in the UK by The Jet Workshop, adhering at all time to Xicoy's build protocol & regulations.  All servicing & repairs will be carried out in the UK.

Additional extras:

2nd Installation Kit - for using the bare engine in a 2nd airframe.

Telemetry Adapter - receive the ECU display data on your (compatible) transmitter.

FOD Screen - for when yours gets squashed or damaged.

Lite colour display - in case of loss or damage

Compact display, black/white text display/hub combined

Longer engine cables, 0.5m (standard) 0.75 and 1m free option.

For complete details on the engine please follow this direct link to the Xicoy website: http://www.xicoyturbines.com/X60.html

(Please note all prices on the Xicoy website are ex VAT)

For further information on availability/ordering and pricing from TheJetWorkshop please contact us via thejetworkshop@gmail.com