Complete Xicoy Engine Range

The Jet Workshop can supply any engine from the Xicoy range, not just those we build and supply in the UK.  

We will deal with all the importing/ordering of the engine. Shipping is usually via overnight insured service.  Any future servicing/repairs will be carried out in the UK, or we will arrange return shipping to Xicoy as required.

The “X” series lineup includes: (as at Apr 2024)

X45 Turbo Jet
X45 2-stage Helicopter
X45 2-stage Turboprop, in High and Low ratios
X60 Turbo Jet
X95 Turbo Jet
X132 Turbo Jet
X180 Turbo Jet
X195 Turbo Jet
X240 Turbo Jet

New “X”engines are being developed all the time and will add to the range above.

Xicoy's engine range can be viewed via:

(Please note all products from the Xicoy website are in Euros and ex VAT)

For full details and latest UK pricing please contact us at