The Jet Workshop is a small South Yorkshire company set up in October 2021 as the UK producing branch of Xicoy Turbines (Barcelona) specifically for the small Xicoy X45 engine. It is run solely by Mike Murphy, who spent 3 years at Xicoy HQ in Spain helping to manufacture Xicoy engines but which was cut short following the Brexit agreement.

The Jet Workshop manufactures the Xicoy X45 Turbo Jet for sale in the UK from official Xicoy parts and raw materials. In addition to new engines we also offer servicing/repair and upgrade of Xicoy turbo jets for UK based customers alleviating the expense and irritation of lengthy import/export, customs and duty requirements.

The business is run from a well equipped home based workshop with machining, production, balancing and testing facilities. There is no shop counter as such, all business being mail order based.

The Jet Workshop is run independently, but adheres at all time to Xicoy build protocol & regulations.

We welcome orders/enquiries via our email @